– I drink when? She was drinking it, say haphazard no … _ He also startled. She discovered the theft he kissed her gone.


Ganoderma sat quietly in the car after a day full of fatigue. She half-closed his eyes, leaned back in his chair to a comfortable position. Moments later she suddenly turned to the man sitting next to him and spoke sides say very gently but contains much sorrow.

– Today I did not go with her?

He exhaled before answering her.

– She’s tired resting at home! Both came here so that accompany Tang Yen.

– Then why did you not stay but her care, why did they come here with me? _ Ganoderma smirked and laughed. – Are you going to take this to ever play again, I’m too tired!

He looked at her, his eyes extremely sharp.

– She agreed, then follow what I say, do not have many words!

– Almost a year before, he quickly prepared and ended quickly go! _ Ganoderma said and walked off. He also down. Both adjusted expression on his face.

– Forum for the good in! _ He gritted commanded every word.

– I take very good, needless to say! _ Lich Chi replied without looking him. Her arms automatically put on his hands as familiar for so long. Two people walked into a nearby house with extremely affable face.

They walked in, the laughs, the greetings were incalculable. There is today Vietnam German family organized a small party for meeting members of the family. Vietnamese German and Ganoderma course no exception.

They were married almost a year ago. Meanwhile Germany seeking a man fit to be his wife, he was brisk select Advanced, while of course need money, Chi nodded clearly. Perhaps people will probably wonder why they do not love the wedding capital, right? Haha, all because the company also announced Vietnam Germany’s leave. But to get the company where it is not easy. They forced him to get married, but he is determined to say no because he hates being bound, he likes the freedom to fly delight, her go this today, tomorrow she goes there. But anyway, he finally has to get married, and now the company was lying neatly in his hand. Oh wait, there it is also equally important that is if fake marriage this detection is certain that Vietnam Germany will be deprived of everything, when he was evicted from the house always was rather.

Chi walked inside Vietnam Lich Germany, two of them look very good together, like capital were born for each other. But no one knows, behind the guise of marriage beautiful pink happy there is a true two-piece black and white. Each person has a personal life, there is a world of its own, no one cares about who is doing what, think, need nothing. They just live in a house that hardly ever talk to each sentence, busy day and face the dark, who the people in as strangers.

– The strawberry! _ Mother of Germany sounded. She walked over to the young couple, wine glass in hand depleted half.

– Hi Mom! _ Two people responded in unison, then turned to smile lovingly at each other.

– Two new kids come home from work tired to make it? Yet the mother arrested two kids to it … I’m sorry! _ Mrs. Huong looks fuzzy. – Expenses sure not to eat right, to mother crying boy Germany it goes with meat for me, okay?

She smiled.

– Well, no where sir!

He turned to look at her and said, lips still smile.

– Behold me, she told me then to get to, good standing here, waiting will you? _ Then he took the table a dish of food. He looked so happy Huong smiled.

– Boy’s cool mom!

Ganoderma heard this saying something flashed smirked. “Wow what?”, Ridiculously so. Perfume not understand if this lady that knows it will be like it? Then she just stood looking at him from a distance. In the second lap suddenly aroused a feeling extremely uncomfortable. Cramps, tingling, irritability, sadness, tiredness.

He turned, hands on the delicious dish of food that she likes all the right dishes. He smiled holding cake in hand, then spoke.

– Sub-ah, I opened his mouth he shoved me snacks!

You know you said there were not deny her belly with both are empty so they opened his mouth and took a bite delicious. Look how happy they Huong immediately sneaked away for two people to have their own space. This party bland truth, she did not see anything interesting at all. Apart from observing eyes of her little sister and brother in law is also nothing much more. Suddenly she turned into a little dizzy told him.

– I’m tired so before then, he told the mother slices … well, Perfume Lady Help! _ She says it was his attempt to step back and pull the armful. Warm hug she’d wanted during the past period. Her heart was pounding wildly. Chi told myself, “No, never dreaming again!” But that said how they say, the place still wishful thinking. The first time she saw him all because of money, time after she started living that he too familiar to her, although in a new house occasionally exchanged a few sentences. He saw her with another girl slightly painful but told myself that it was a heart attack due to work so much. At times like this she had time to think of his silk, to feel the warmth, his beats. But he did not love her?

– Let me take you home, I walk alone at night, for like where this is wrong! _ His voice was mild, hands still clutching her people. She could see the warmth of him made in her ear.

Germany put Accrued out car after greeting people. Once seated on the driver’s seat he still leaned her seatbelt, and Chi, every naive like a fool. A moment later, his car rolled on the new road to speak.

– Sister track, the next time someone somewhere in my house for good, she takes on, took until the new stop, clear?

Sub daze, feeling of inadequacy surge. Well, she had to remind myself that there is not wishful thinking but why keep thinking all the time. She laughed.

– Yes, I will do as you!

Stop the car in a villa he continued.

– Back away me to the nest! _ Done he waited for her car and sped off down always. Photos girl in white dress leaning fallen angel was standing at the car away from too depressing sight. Sub fatigue open and went into the house. She turned on the lights and lay down heavily sofa. She touched his lips to kiss and remember the last time. As he kissed her, but his words did not belong to her place that belongs to the woman named Nest. Maybe because he thought she was drunk so he her. She was always dreaming, always from her before. Too much hope then disappointment, then fell asleep myself Accrued other or not.

When he saw her lying on the sofa, her aunt as an adorable kitten. He suddenly smiled and then he lifted her up to his room, put her on the bed and blanket for her.

– After all I’m with her as husband and wife should at least I should do well the duties of a husband, right? Sleep good go! _ He shut the door, the other cats remain dormant in warm cotton blanket.

Germany stood on the balcony, he gave up cigarettes inhale smoke spiraling up and then release. He thought. He did not know if I should end this marriage how to give both he and she can be all right to life of every person, he does not know how his family could accept this . Almost a year now, the price as he stretched his contract a little more, maybe things would have a specific plan and clear.


Today it’s slightly overcast, the wind also blowing. Affiliates foot out of the house and then climbed to the company own car to go to work. Know before bad weather today as she went to work this morning over there. Then Germany stood ready for her call.

– Wait, Today I went to the company, the general went away!

– He also has car What? _ She looked at him.

– Did not we are married or what? She wants people in the company mother told me? _ He said, the flexible body was quickly seated in the driver’s seat from time to time, while Chi fired into the side seat.

Car bon bon on the road, in the car without a sound silent. Nobody told anyone any question, just sat and did the work itself. Parked in front of the company, he quickly opened the door for her, then took her to the site before the envy of many female staff that day may also be seen. General manager to his new room for her to stop.

– Why bring me up here? I still do not always do a … um … _ Chi gagged again.

– Today my mother came to visit, shut up! _ He said quietly.

Push the door and stepped inside, he held hands with her full of intimacy. Expenses voice “mother” sweet scratched, hearing that feeling extremely excited. Yen was sitting there talking to Mrs. Huong also to stand up to see them. Her eyes extremely irritated to see him holding hands with Ganoderma. But then she also calmed by the thought Chi just nominally his wife are trying to reassure her spirit. Go pouring oats invite them, do not forget sharply eyes scanned across people Chi. Chi is also slightly startled, then smiled at him again glared.

Done, Huong went on, leaving three people in the room. Nest ran next to him, hugged him and kissed his neck while Chi still sitting there. Well, she is something where they have to discreetly conceal it? Ganoderma discomfort stood up and said.

– Today the company work in not so many before me, two people stay happy!

– You ride it while I go about? _ He looked at her, still hugging the girl named Nest. She was then buried her face in even deep love in his brawny chest arch.

Chi smiled faintly.

– I do not drive so slowly that slice he kept going!

She went out. Just six years time in the afternoon, the more darker. But right now she has not wanted to go home, still want leisurely on the street. Sub smirking and walking on a street. Overcast as rain coming up the street and see people absent. She kept on going, go forever without being returned home. Rain began to fall, these tiny particles cool little rain touching her face. Ganoderma still further steps despite knowing little while rain and rain can be louder. It is true that, rain started splattered, Splatter, heavy raindrops falling down the road, down the porch of the store. Initially slanting rain, then rain kept falling flatly as proving that the rain was very heavy for the wind can not blow it.

Chi laugh. Both her body drenched. Great, rain is the same mood with you? But she did not cry like the rain, but she was smiling. Or, because she did not cry so new rain crying her household? Rain kept pouring down, the water turned into people Sub bring bitter cold winds. But she has no signs of going home, she walked in the unconscious. Her body suddenly heavy, she’d lie, want to rest, and she was hurt, really hurt, knowing that you miss the love you but will never get a response. By him and her together indispensable material well just because.

Vietnam Germany are at home nest. He lay on the bed with her, hand rubbing her head to feel like he loves that girl. Germany looked out the window, the rain was falling very fast and heavy. Suddenly he thinks of Chi. This time she did not know about the house yet, did not know she had such little bit afraid if heavy rain but thunder, why? Seeing that he was lost in thought, looked up and looked closely Nest him, hands clutching his neck.

– You, you think what?

– Nothing! _ He looked at her and replied.

– You’re lying!

“Doang” _ thunder sounded, horizontal incision lightning across the sky.

He suddenly turned up and people run to the window. On the 26th floor of the apartment building down the street looking at the other one of the display color white water plus electric lights are turned on.

Sub startled to hear the thunder, she scared ran to a nearby diner to shelter from the rain, to prevent lightning struck her, she was afraid of it too. Her whole body shiver. Trembling hand holding the phone up and press a row number.

Germany picked up when they see the caller.

– Alo, she called me with something?

“Germany … I .. Cold, I’m cold!” _ Ganoderma broken English. Although known heavy rain but he could hear her cries, very small.

– Hey, you’re on the road, huh? _ He asked, somewhat angry voice.

“I … that I’ll … I welcome AAA me? Really cold! Hức!” _ Chi said as he hung up the machine always. She did not understand why myself again called him again because she felt his trust, whereas now she has her brother are acquaintances.

Then he quickly donned his hair all dressed in. Saw him hurriedly, instant frown Nest asked.

– Where are you going to? The rain that!

– Expenses are on the road, he went to welcome her! _ He looked at her and replied.

– She did not have the legs that the stars themselves? He stayed with me! _ She ran to embrace him. Hold him back because he did not want to leave, she just wanted his attention, care and concern for her alone alone, others do it yourself care for themselves.

– No, Chi afraid of thunder, she would not self on while heavy rain like this! _ He pushed her hand away and ran away.

– Germany, he was obnoxious map! _ Nest irritated screamed after him. Throughout the day he will stay with her cry like that every time everyone called her the other woman, then cry, then he ran. Such night he stayed with her all her whether other woman did not call, when he was leaving her to return to her house. Anyway you with Chi is just a couple nominally, no need to take really like that?

He parked roadside to see Chi lying on the ground. He quickly ran outside and carried her into the car and then quickly return home. He carried her into the house and put her in bed and then dried for her people. At first he intended to leave her alone so he slept but then changed her mind by themselves to wear wet, they will surely be felt. Finally he pulled in her closet a few clothes but he did not know what to wear, how is he to his wardrobe grab your shirts out for her to wear. Naturally he blushed.

Struggling for a moment he finally finished dressing her. Look at her sleeping soundly he also found peace of mind, naturally he froze for a few seconds. Why did you take this girl home and care for this girl and then abandoned his love alone? Germany did not understand what the hell myself doing anything else. Suddenly Chi limbs held them, he sat down and took her hand.

– Lingzhi, you are truly an idiot!

She also woke up gradually but still dreamy.

– Germany … Hug me … Cold … _ She says Chuck.

He sat on the bed, holding her close. He did not understand what I was thinking too. Just held her like that, warm, very warm. Her face looked small rubbed his chest, looking at her red lips moved to say something very beautiful. Then he kissed her naturally. Very soft and sweet her lips made him want every kiss forever without end.

Sub awake, that he was kissing her, she suddenly much. She pushed him away, though she still wanted him to kiss. But he missed due to sickness alone is why, when all drunk he would treat her like a user.

– You drink, right? Did I dressed him?

– I drink when? She was drinking it, say haphazard no … _ He also startled. She discovered the theft he kissed her gone.

– Do not say why are you kissing me?

Silent for a while he replied.

– I’m losing control … I do not understand why so …

All sunk back into a silence.

Then he lowered his head naturally kissed her, a kiss deeply. Hand turn onto bed sheets, to get the contract and then tear away.

One rainy night, suddenly sad daughter aimlessly, unable to sleep I think about paying and online press and wait. Oh please remember why see much, crave the word “Hi” tender loving, even occasionally crave a comment uncle line this time. I thought he was awake vulnerabilities, as well as how consoling morning uncle will see. Yet only a few minutes after I received stream online “gold”: “My uncle let out a sad night. The brain like drops of rain started masonry shelf”. Notes psychological, quick response that I expect to pay consolation. I can not control emotions joy, spontaneous moment that “uttered” by the words “great uncle Y” then motioned see his cheeks warming. Hi, anyway I have also been known take heart. Looks like uncle did not care then, and I had a restless night man is an insomnia.

The days passed, I kept anxiously, just wait, just wait forever see note alone but seeing welcome. I just wonder forever why pay so again, a little pride at the thought her daughter was “very valuable”. My waist seems even losing the previous carefree bright note, too, and sometimes just ignorant sad, dreamy silk idea, whiny aimlessly with pay. Notes can not understand or just do not know the pretend not know. They say his daughter should not be too zealous sex. Yet how pleased I met uncle saw love, pity, let emotional surge from the bottom of the heart, just want to confide but why not dare to reveal the fullness of feeling …

One day the uncle informed business trip a week that the smartphone should pay her back broken will have to pause contact. Here comes my previous story and uncle had only conventional phone without the use fb to both concentrated work and learning for good everyday. I cried “uncle remembered where damage resistant”, but this way they pay me but proved very principle. Notes analyze much information just to give me the reason for this special trip should be so. Eventually I could only warm memories in your heart that you still have to listen.

Morning wake up as usual both uncle and nephew were on fb wish each new day. He said such damage was, “Splendid the station today paying off us,” I continued, “stomach” like to play more virtual perfection. Half years have familiar day where my uncle away. I and another uncle had soaked the feeling is fb, fb is far away from home, go to work, go to school to dinner on her uncle’s home to be met (on fb). Oh, my head’s too vague, “uncle gone” … Virtual U, what about the feeling to be away from his uncle, remembered his uncle, uncle to wait all week was stalking me, where there is virtual. And his heart told myself I was in love, love lost then, love it dear uncle. Some days I like someone else. My first daughter I know tasted strange feeling. This is love u, conceptualist, anxiety, pay back, remembrance, sad and happy, sometimes inept helplessness, dreamy,

Lucky me there is a very close girlfriend is American Sub. Two sisters and far western country house to the city, same food, same houses, a school, a class congenial. Learn good spending again active in communication should be assigned as deputy academic classes. Both join student volunteers and in shock performance teams by school. Chi Chi did not know poetry but also loves poetry should sensuality and delicate poetry average. We also have friends his age but only at normal body, sometimes on holiday get together for ice cream, then surf city. It commended both always go together pretty as with the ball, the girls have also little bit jealous man then twisted take getting used to, just the same I do not like both. My friend was a friend of Chi is several siblings in the near lock before endearing want to learn, some teachers love the game, several uncles in breathing and some friends on fb. Hi, mostly adults.

US Chi is a friend of both me and uncle on fb. Though do not know all, but Chi also shared part should Expenses know and witty remarks emotional relationship of two persons on the friends. Spending half-jokingly, half seriously said we both should note change of address, I just smiled and did not protest unless. These days, the US sub is my cure. Expenses know I upset always remember uncle and mood changes should also not joking and always cared for me, my mentality. Details about this clause is probably better than me by two exemplary sub-sister of three brothers in a family of agricultural laborers West. And I was a child in a wealthy family was spoiled only Mum and Dad and school meals. Chi also very intelligent, he told me his uncle dear sister so well should not be judging what uncle, uncle breaks away fb surely have their own reasons not convenient to say. Lower resolution recovery, one week severance pay for it will know. Actually the day I did not have time to think much duplicated but only his night of sad memory of a note to hangover.

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