Love triangle

Tu helplessly, silently endure and always seek to care for her husband. Months meals, not husband and wife can not tell the story. Customs kept silent forever, go dark on light obediently, rice porridge in markets where. Chronic pain jealous heart ached

Hai was a student of business administration also from the same school garment industry, they love each other from the third year. Friends admired couple have good academic excellence, student volunteers participate and sing or above. Both remote western hometown college graduate decided to Saigon office career. Who asked them confidently conquer happy with good degrees and double pink hearts. Baggage into the couple’s life is just so poor. After the engagement ceremony Tu Hai and two family permission to live life backward votam husband wedding day to get into the marketplace a living. Their abode is a rented room 12 square meters of grade four, frugal, thrifty spending his early steps. People who belittle praise, good friends encouraged families have accepted. Pink dream is a reality full of happiness and sap with the couple. Both auto attendant has just joking together contest to see who get jobs and bring money home before. Everything begins.


Put the money to buy a motorbike, the Hai Van Pass Tu old day go knocking on doors looking for work, on the Hai made car from Kunming to walk away sometimes turn directions. Nearly a month so be not at home anywhere in where they encourage each other to keep trying. Then Hai unfortunate accident heel batch sweepers take months at home. Auto attendant assured her husband for quick convalescence from, Hai sad smile, often but know what to do now. Then Tu also get a job at a large garment enterprises, both glad. Every day they warm up to each other, work progressed from the corner and really knows how to motivate Customs. Tu wages remain low, they should also calculate temporary smart enough spending.

A rainy day is Hai all stood, nervously hobbling walk in the dark narrow room anxiously wife and still less about. Tu told to do more so late. Customs found myself helpless, remembering a friend visiting shook his head let sympathy “unsteady too”.

Pouring rain, to leave the car at Tu hitchhike ratings agencies accompany lane ramp first look at his house. Ministry of Post from all sudden and sad scared worried.

– Loving Husband, brother of rùi.

– You make me nostalgic every right forward, where your car?

– Rain over me to hitchhike hitchhiker ratings Lane.

– His wife struggled rafters, he found himself … (Shanghai dropped word)

– Loins stars my husband, do not think a lot of that. I’m very happy every night on his side, his care, his warm inside. Rui he will be cured, will again go do that.

Hai started all think, knows his wife loves and always attentive so that tonight he hugged his wife can not sleep tossing and turning. Light up Tu told my husband wore yummy hug sleeping husband. Tu did not know Shanghai insomnia. Customs became more reticent, or sigh, thinking.

  1. Lo and Tu

Tu diligent, live in harmony, progress quickly, was a beauty queen should always be classified rooms khenva admired colleague. The office of the Corporation is very luxurious, equipped with modern machinery, friendly employees, methodical routine gave Tu passionate emotions work. Everyone whispers today ranked deputy (who was up, very respected by young and promotion prospects) office visit. Ratings introduced one room, part of the village will come from there, Vice President and Group ratings chisel. A few days later decided to transfer prisoners to do secretarial work for deputy. Secretarial work quite busy wide communication should also fun. Ratings are funds from the smart, good at English, agile sprightly up or for accompanying seating, contract negotiations, sometimes away from home overnight (naturally ranked toddler group must have more than two people). Lo is the name of ratings deputy, put on praise septic, Tu also found himself lost fortunate to meet good ratings with their psychological peace of mind to work, advancement and care of the family anymore. They did went beyond the framework of relations with staff ratings ever, say that your ratings is negative. Just spend time as uncle and nephew go cafe, close together in the workplace still not enough pay her fb connect, share daily Zalo. Due to work and a good relationship with the deputy that his feelings are as important to the eyes of many. Tu group in a little self hao.Duoc many know that these words were no longer little time for her husband and the head, too, should govern the work assigned more. promotion and care for the whole family too. They did went beyond the framework of relations with staff ratings ever, say that your ratings is negative. Just spend time as uncle and nephew go cafe, close together in the workplace still not enough pay her fb connect, share daily Zalo. Due to work and a good relationship with the deputy that his feelings are as important to the eyes of many. Tu group in a little self hao.Duoc many know that these words were no longer little time for her husband and the head, too, should govern the work assigned more. promotion and care for the whole family too. They did went beyond the framework of relations with staff ratings ever, say that your ratings is negative. Just spend time as uncle and nephew go cafe, close together in the workplace still not enough pay her fb connect, share daily Zalo. Due to work and a good relationship with the deputy that his feelings are as important to the eyes of many. Tu group in a little self hao.Duoc many know that these words were no longer little time for her husband and the head, too, should govern the work assigned more. Due to work and a good relationship with the deputy that his feelings are as important to the eyes of many. Tu group in a little self hao.Duoc many know that these words were no longer little time for her husband and the head, too, should govern the work assigned more. Due to work and a good relationship with the deputy that his feelings are as important to the eyes of many. Tu group in a little self hao.Duoc many know that these words were no longer little time for her husband and the head, too, should govern the work assigned more.

Once cafe with Tu Lo lowering sad voice:

– Notes fell in love and the obstacles to and separation. Si love themselves pursue forever nostalgic over the years can not forget.

– Oh, so like his uncle, the uncle realized very strong other weekdays.

– attach themselves to the dull hearts so can not speak out with one hose.

– I moved too, so he thought to share with you right? that person how you can get to know not pay?

– Of course, note that you want to share with.

Lo said Tu was the first to reveal feel can trust, empathy helps reduce pain. Lo took many years to eat, sleep health is somewhat impaired.

– I thank trusted uncle.

– When having autonomy surprised how children have strokes resembling that person. Perhaps my uncle met with such grace that sound reasonable to meet voters.

Highway after age 30 was the director of a business component, the recipe has a wife and a daughter adorable embarked on the affair still si lightning. Love to wear skinny, love to goof around its own sun is enough tones. Joinery and life blend themselves, greedy, contentment and the suffering. Then he also retired, said private heaven can not contain happiness. Highway as lost soul live not live, prolonged painful torment. Through 10 years and where the mind at peace. Lo’s voice filled with emotion, his eyes dreamy far Lo track a bit moist with tears. Hour-long story, Tu empathetic listening attentively follow.

– Oh, I love uncle too, pay attention Oh star performances, so talented, beautiful people inside what lacks heroes and still weighs the same uncle.

Tu Lo Indeed over 20 years old, but still found Tu Lo youthful form. It is true that men form successful. Highway excited disadvantages:

– The delusion is so, the attention you always want beautiful young couple but found themselves indifferent heart. The work attracted should not notice anymore.

– You see her much respect uncle.

– Tu My, my uncle and nephew relations upright but envy the block who thought cheerfully, so you need subtle, uncle and nephew know whiff.

– I understand that, uncle assured.

Listen Lo si Tu recounts the love affair also shows compassion, promised voters will help him overcome audio problems silk king. Words two grandchildren pay for that simplicity, honest man no longer together over distances longer classified staff. My uncle often exchange messages Zalo. Messages always begin with the word “tiny”, Tu replied “Me uncle”, away from Me, near miss and then it’s hard to change habits. Lo is the uncle and nephew converged messaging Zalo husband read her afraid not. Tu answered no matter what, just please do not pay on time texting the children home. My uncle understood each other and true food ideas. So every two uncle nephew relationship is deepening day. Sometimes murmur Tú also reached the ears but not unharmed to the seat of the Roadmap and the relationship between the two people.

Young float from room nicer place, income doubled, tripled before. Go to the ratings, ratings have also filtered from parts, Lo go on also present on the Tu. Home as gifts every vibrate. Tu whereby spouses may rent spacious self-contained apartments. Days passed, the Customs has healed but still have not found a suitable job. Tu Lo table with two small notes looking maid. It is too simple to Lo, Lo just a phone call for him at the Corporation B is ok now. Hai glad spouses think of ways to thank. Tu know for yourself as well just have the opportunity to sit thank Lo cafe bar is sufficient but not understand that Customs should insist must festival means. Tu pm husband hinted that with Lo Lo accepted immediately.

– Okay, I’ll invite both spouses restaurant meals

– How so uncle, (Tu smiled mischievously) uncle invited her husband instead.

– Simply, uncle happy for two people who overcome difficulties.

Tu previous spouses to check restaurant menus, not forgetting an average white roses and a bottle of French wine which still prefer Tu Lo said. Lo appears with own driving style very polite but everyday simplicity. From each lot and the driver sitting in the position opposite to the couple then introduced two sides Tu acquainted. Pour wine Tu Hai solemnly stood up:

– Dear uncle, wife and children are now young adults establish very honored to know uncle, uncle and uncle close attention of great help. Today again honored to be invited rice note, we thank you notes, please. Kindly donated uncle fresh flowers instead of our emotions, good uncle always healthy, happy, forever young, successful, please.

Bouquets of roses white mist lingering moved quickly to hand Hai, solemnly handed to Lo. A cordial applause.

– Happy young couple happy Hai capacitor.

A quick switch for more roses awarded to Shanghai Highway. A more cordial applause. They toast each other’s health, happiness, success. The party was fun and impressive with spouses Hai – Tu. Before leaving Highway surprise given the envelope called a couple gifts Hai – Tu escape difficult. Two people could only thank not react to this situation. That invitation is folded detailed ratings cover all parties. Home Hai kept admiring his wife’s ratings.

Hai received the room Business Corporations suitable job B. A specialized training properly. Customs did well, with knowledge that’s available so dynamic and creative jobs, income rather gradually, promising advancement. Many friends know this couple Hai Tu is both excited and even envy.

Quiet night, Hai awarded passionate kissing wife and cooed:

– Thank your wife loves you, you find yourself fortunate experience, happy with me as beautiful, arch back injured husband very much.

– Husband loved me, I always feel warm inside his happiness.

– So did a year pass through the door into the life …

– Prince has helped her through a difficult step to happiness castle.

– She was not his curricle playable dream.

– He accompanies her side but, love my husband very much.

Both changes favor, only a year, a young couple years alone soared up, away from the starting point. They discussed about marriage, career and study up. Both will have to get a master’s degree fastest, wedding save the most, pause childbirth two years to concentrate expertise strive proficient.

Everything happened as they want. A month after the wedding was conducted at a large wedding center between the city of Saigon. Called savings but also enough to satisfy wishes of both families, many friends far and near, the guests where they work there. Anyone admiring Hai – Tu talented, beautiful couple. The appearance of both your uncle Lo entail party deputy customs authorities and entourage makes more luxurious wedding reception. After the wedding they have a honeymoon and save.

Customs and uterus starts under graduate program, dedicated to the research, hone expertise. Also so that the time for work, education of both fills the day, including Saturdays and Sundays. Husband and wife two places, the one place all day closed door. Almost every day, so they just about get together after eight pm. Tu accompanied ratings business trip more, but fewer go Customs also. The house has a sometimes lonely.

Tu Hai today follow four people delegation led by the Hanoi Highway to meet partners. Free two-way permit to visit relatives and Tu Lo only. They did go to coffee, hung gracefully watching two beautiful Hoan Kiem Lake.

– From now on, go away I do not remember the husband?

– Me more than pay, two kids all night Zalo í uncle.

– Youth is beautiful, paying too many memories.

– Note whether you hear it.

Lo said whenever suggestive very natural, very natural Tu heard all sorts of stories Lo comfortable sharing. Smart Highway spores also shared much of what empathy is, that negative language.

– My wife and children have nothing left is not her own?

– What is the pay?

– life husband and wife, the friendship is …

– I understand, sometimes the husband and wife have a little phase difference thui uncle.

– Pay attention to ask this because that is life experience human emotions complicated, sometimes to think one thing, heart flutter a HR …

– Oh, pay as artists anymore.

– I do not think so lovesick faithful uncle, uncle very well damage.


Highway leading real story well, drawing on the highway Tu want to share. Ten years Lucheng not forget old lover, but where Lo fidelity with old lover. Lo fill the emptiness with the endless … A walk to a long two years, only a few short months, the boys split up into rooms. Lo had no little excitement gentle wife sex with the general discussion. Not understand why narrative genre back to Lo so much emotion. Eyes looked far away to the other side edge of the lake, light permeability ratio blepharitis, voice touched … also from listening to so why is not surprising, just staring that devour every word, expression according to Lo said. Tu said, “scare” when Lo said there has been 11 times farewell. Tu said, “injured uncle too,” when Lo told constantly lose sleep because of the heavy word. My uncle sat all afternoon until the city lights up.

– NOTE Oh, that’s life while he was still feeling happy?

– Happiness and unhappiness. Happy as can the next time, when nobody misfortune. They come and go, pay as the old wharf empty forever.

– Life for finding a sound knowledge is hard, now unfortunately having children.

– I love him that.

– For years pay just thinking if I would pay how far?

– Oh, uncle, uncle you will volunteer side forever, I do not what lofty dreams where is uncle trust, concern is the happy happy already.

Highway closer Tu gripped hands, his voice trembling as, eyes blankly. Tu did not control his emotions to incubation face into his shoulder vivid cry.

– Notice oi!

Lo got up, fixing with collar, quickly wiping tears.

– not good, please forgive me.

– Oh, not so uncle, uncle I love truth.

His home now, Tu hurry to call a taxi, ten minutes after her uncle had arrived at the hotel.

Each person in a bathing room the sound wrong reverse. Tu perform duties serving our ratings, visit knocking demanded.

– Note à!

Still see silent, Tu Lo said softly turned the locked door in. Tu Lo was the phone call shutdown. Tu had no idea how his back room situated Zalo message for her husband. Every few minutes to look nik Lo see if works. More than an hour passed, stopped Tu message “Wish i love sleep” Okay, see dimly machine forever. Tu hurry quick message line says “my uncle,” and then had to wait until 10 minutes after receiving the message Lo replied.

– Pay sick and guava.

– God, how come you left off, so lock the door, open the public to see?

– He is very afraid to disturb me.

– Duty child that, do not hesitate to pay.

– Yeah, so I passed.

Tu pajamas, hastily adding jacket coat and walked into the room the door was open contingency Highway. Highway remained thin blanket pitot boss called out to Tu on.

– What my uncle, from the afternoon until now considered uncle mood too well, it is true that attach easily lose sleep because someone lost.

– Despite uncle, used then.

– No, I did not want to.

Tu said as he bent down putting cool hand held test forehead temperature Highway, see seems a bit hot. Tu run out wet towels to wipe turned face, hands, neck and neck for the Roadmap. Lo face watching themselves lazily, lazily Tú not help.

– NOTE Oh, I love uncle too. Why do you have so rather miserable.

– Tu oi!

– Yes.

– All for the son, uncle also loves children. Little angel of my uncle. Has a long pay compression endure forever in hearts that emotion. Today, too, do not blame uncle offline. Despite paying off.

Tu Lo still admire, see Roadmap close intimacy should still accept the slight collision body to Highway embrace forehead, pinched cheeks, hair claw anywhere, anytime can be as a kind of Westernization. In this context the words of the Road Map as the emotional medicine Tu confident enough to express interest in the Lo feelings. Tu bent down his head on the chest Lo, sobbing injured uncle nephew too. Lo hands slowly round to embrace sobbing uterus. Both lay so few minutes.

– guava.

– Yes.

– I can …

– Yes.

– Located on the notes a moment? Notes terrible emptiness.

– Okay.

It is emotional injury, liability or shaken voice of the heart, can not distinguish from the same anymore. Tu rebound corrected for short hair and had to lie down side of Highway. Highway tilt arms tightened Tu to heart, face to face, forehead gently kissed Tu.

– guava.

– Yes.

– I feel like when cuddling.

– Yes, warm, happy, please.

– Do you allow uncle married children.

– Yes.

Just that, Tu Lo kissing horses rise up like crazy all over the beautiful face of love. A break with the lovesick couple amorously then kissed again engrossed. Tu also emotional companion movement beats kissing love with Lo. Lo is stylish playboy girl should just minutes led to lovemaking Tu prolonged rain clouds. Greedy lips, hands adept drop of Health Roadmap body torturing young girls keen desire to have sex. Tu confident sociable fast along Highway endless fun. From that night on Route Tu belongs. Lo told her now is “I love, love,” then, Tu smiling coast “stomach”.

Acts very successful trip, Total signed a contract several million dollars cash. The prestige of the more popular deputy so. Tu also known commended wise, astute assistants effectively classified.

On to Saigon, Tu permission to stay another day for her husband. Customs authorities until pick-Tu. That night they poured out love for each other, happy as no shore. Hai said injured wife strenuous, Tu said loved her husband very much, and then consoling each other encouraged long term. Turn Shanghai on business, Tu in the lonely night. No, it was the night belongs Tu Lo. The love triangle silently nobody would know.

  1. Customs & Tu

Tu is a young girl in love and become the first Shanghai Customs wife, Tu has more in romantic repertoire. Tu Lo stars escape the nets spread, where he went into and out easy. Losses from both parties have enough money, sex and power to impose. Tu Lo made increasingly deep love that kind of delusion of highway enjoyment. Circumstances led wire from sin betrayed husband. Tu began lengthy series on life in shame. Now a man from each to enter the lead role in the love triangle. The peaceful days of happiness, glory victory doomed.

Tu Lo really ignorance, by Tu young, beautiful, clever than lovers hand over the recipe. Lo always comfort from scientific premises pragmatic “speculative sin, the heart where there is error, love is the greatest in the world, the civilized world who have gone through the sexual revolution a long time ago”. When Tu said, “I really agonized” Lo consolement “I just live for yourself go, no need to think much”. From the chamber.

About husband Tu got to love as before, try to live as before, proved more interested in her husband but found itself full of awkward fake. Endless sleepless nights that flowed to the engineer must sign husband. Hai every disinterested love her, proud of her happiness. These signs of change from Tu did not sign superimposed long. Hai love husband or wife sat watching, the players hugged his wife, Tu reflexes might just be trying to avoid her husband’s eyes. Oh, that is the weakest point in the acting of the main characters love triangle.

– His wife passionate work, many computer sitting doe eyes halo nè.

– Hi, I’ll go back to the beauty salon for her husband.

– From now, pay good Lo damage there.

– Yes.

– Spouses lucky encounter notes.

– Yes.

– Pay with or ask about his brother and his married life is not?

– Yes there is.

– The agency he knew and praised many great uncle data.

– Yes.

– I almost considered his uncle commented.

– Yes, I saw him, but also good.

– How Good?

– Hi, nice to people.

– Hi, still with me?

– Hi, as people in full.

– His wife is smart, beautiful, work efficiently so that folded just like everyone interested in hip thui is fair.

– Hi, I find that normal.

– Before you or praise him back now to see normally?

– Hi, I do not know.

Where Tu longer works anymore, theme husband interested too sensitive. Sees itself as “a blemish startling” should pay attention to see if her husband should not be suspected of mouth to answer, and caring response. Hai asked that, but does not mean anything.

Lo and Tu were very careful in the use of telephone and messaging Zalo, so that “goes very well with day night encounter ghosts”. Revealing too small have sent text messages MEMORY Zalo now husband and wife from the car to the countryside. Tu tired asleep when, Shanghai picked up to help her see. Just pop out Zalo is minuscule. Hai stunned owner noticed the other is loc message. Hai also calm down and then let stand for reclining shoulders sleeping wife. Moments later woke up bewildered looking phone Tu Hai said you had a message and return phone Zalo wife. Open view and amazing Tu Hai watched already. Tu barely stammered blushing say why it caught the eyes opposed to. Passively, Tu voice, “I apologize to you.” Hai silent. Since that time both said nothing more. Tu healing leaning to shoulder, hand in hand Hai, Hai sat still as a statue. Arriving home visit Mum and Dad, eat lunch, on the way back to the city of both normal incident artificially. Tu said the fait, was supposed to say even a certain justification reason for the message of Loc Tu husband apologized again faltered in the car. That reinforces the suspicion of Customs.

Evening meal is heavy. Hai eat through tangerine then to bed. Tu after lying down next visit Shanghai, took a deep breath and then inclined to hug her husband’s shoulder.

– Husband loved you, I do not so much that I hurt, listen to me talk.


– I beg you, do not be silent so, please come back to me. I love my husband so much that.


– I know my husband read it and very sad message, but not the husband I think.

Hai lay motionless, doubts grew torment themselves. Why would he ask for his enthusiasm to the world. Why your party invitation, he again how it all. Why breakfast spouses talk about him Tu proved unusual indifference, not praised him as the last time. Why he was deputy general director could spend free time messaging Zalo dỗi intimate, sweet weakness with assistant secretary. Why Tu went with his work so much … Why and why, two years silent forever, ear buzzing away, heart pain, fatigue stress too long.

Customs suddenly sat up against the wall of the bed, eyes closed, his hands clutching his head. Tu also turned up under, tears in his eyes had started to embrace Hai to his chest, his voice sniffled.

– my dear husband, I would like him there. This particular photo you also die. Let’s hear you say already, but not where my husband thought.

See for Tu Hai sat bear hug, Tu began to tell about the message that paying respect still considered Tú Lo as children, daily intimate closeness. Although successful but also family life unhappy uncle. Certainly today him empty mood should be sent Me. Because you still share the focus uncle encouraged the family story. Zalo longer use is normal, all the ratings agencies have Zalo em all. Hang several hours Tu monologue on forever, Hai sat motionless forever. Both were tired, lie down yourself two coated thin blanket and lay adjacent to massage feet, hands, head, forehead to her husband. Hai lay motionless. Indeed, the customs still hear the wife confided, also recognize the other, the other priests repeated itself around as a kind of justification for Lo. Customs suggestion was then.

Live in torment of anxiety, Tu extremely tired. Information about the couple and also be moved to Lo. Tu Lo comforting calm deal, anyway this is only a vague message. Tu said Hai recognize the changes in me. Where you have to be holy easily blindfolded Hai forever. From that day on Tu permission to leave early every day and stop the remote mission. At Tu and Lo agency also began more careful when using the phone, Zalo and less coffee as before.

Tu helplessly, silently endure and always seek to care for her husband. Months meals, not husband and wife can not tell the story. Customs kept silent forever, go dark on light obediently, rice porridge in markets where. Chronic pain jealous heart ached. Unbearable Hai think how to track wife. At home they could not see before. Road, work, how can know. See change glutinous working Tu Hai think two people cope, so now could be more tolerant? Just so minded Shanghai dulling, skinnier, work, study slack.

Hai forward or unwanted things do not know anymore. A stranger sends a strange message appointment cafe Red Clouds important with strange customs. This is a chic cafe world for a lot of money. Romance cafes come to know nothing, or nothing does not matter. Dimensional melting address the message Hai turn to sit in a cafe corner. Just sip cafe not long, it has a motorcycle taxi he had to ask permission to sit at the table.

– I’m texting him.

– Yes, what sir.

– I need to sell you something important to him.

– What is it sir.

– A Smartphone Nokia phones have guts.

Hai stunned, vaguely understand what I want to understand. He turned on the phone for two seats to watch a short clip scene a man who was bent over to kiss his wife. He quickly turned off the machine and shows Hai know where clips are recorded immediately table include hidden. Hai trembling limbs, ears buzzing away, the twister mouth. He kept icy. Hai said this is a professional hunting career working for anyone wanting to. He also told Hai this is ridiculously low prices compared to other partners.

– Ten million then, both the phones.

– I have no money here.

– I will follow him to take home the money.

For months now knew needle in a haystack do, just hope will not see ie no, just to know the ray stopped inhibitors for it. Customs chattering quickly stood up and paid for his first motorbike according to Lane. New Customs spouses have accumulated funds over the past months, the Customs and wife shared key cabinets. Tu was huddled in the kitchen with her husband called about dinner with delicacies like the Shanghai Customs has walked quickly to the door. Also just five minutes after returning to Shanghai on the bed staid scary. Tu call her husband to dinner not see Hai spoke, walked quickly back toward the bed with her husband’s shoulder, then flew west from Shanghai.

– You eat, dinner we talked.

Tu receding scared just watching her husband hope to talk to customs clearance will be, just scared that something did change Hai rough with his attitude so fast. Tu ê see real optimism. Hai was promptly review but not the one that had three clips serial events unfolded.

Hai right 9pm sitting in front of the couch. Tu said the rush stopped adjacent seat to speak. Intentionally before, while Tu tea for her husband, Hai turned up telephone connection with a video screen and a decent chair to sit down.

– Now let’s see the movie.

The first paragraph is Loc and Tu cafe scene sitting together smiling affectionately. Paragraph two is closely watching the situation had Loc Tu face. Paragraph three is painful scenes from Russia’s kiss Loc. Up to 20 seconds per clip, clip quite clear people. It is true that the image of professional poachers. Customs as those who gloat after winning monthly melancholy, frail suddenly rebounded very strongly like a real man.

The clip has all Tu suddenly stunned face clouds up immediately collapsed to the ground unconscious. Customs still excessively with the world must treat his wife hastily bent down there from here.

– Not easy to die so.


– The people who will pay the price very very expensive there.

– ………………

Peering see real estate Tu Hai picked up put to bed, hot oil massage around anointing people for a long time. Tu gradually regained consciousness re-imagine what had happened and wept violently. In the slang sobbing heart tore.

– Wow, I became a man cut dresses like this.


– Hai oh, thousand times I ask him for dead, did not dare to beg forgiveness.


Tu struggles with a hand to bang his head against the bed several times, the customs themselves must embrace. Pattern happy homes are witnessing the spectacle of the tragic footage. Tu gradually exhausted forever muttering words must die, must die … Both sitting and lying motionless so all night.

Hai moved from the extreme to the troubled and also calm down. Unable to choTu dead, ten section has less to rage in parts injured. On Monday Tu Hai listened to all the circumstances including from start to finish and always say do not dare ask her husband to forgive sins. Hai Tu please let her die will permanently lose disgrace. Customs would not blame sobered but very much anymore Tu old hateful hypocrite Lo shattered his family happy.

Tuesday, Tu Hai quit permission to return home. With money from now also become meaningless. Customs not know what to do, every day every thui thui go, lonely nights grim.

Needless to Shanghai, faction fighting in Corporation Road to defeat aging. Ka other hand a deputy has painstakingly tracked and staged photographs taken other clips gave him Co. Chief Executive Officer and Secretary of the Party Committee and the Customs a copy. What tricks though it is also living proof Lo impeachment. Since the President allows Lo please stay fox work abroad long day treatment, meaning the Lo career ended. Mr. Cong Hai on behalf of the call to apologize and clarify the matter forward Hai heal emotional wounds, forgive Tu.Vi Hai Tu happy family, leaders of the General decided to cancel the spot the other clip version , story closed within internal, accepted kind of go a scandal unnecessary in general.

Family, friends only know two words separated spouses, abandon the home without real reason. Many mediation but no results. Customs times in the countryside looking Tu, Tu did not move. Tu live with mom and help sales of rice. Again because Hai Tu happy family, Total for the transfers from the room to get technical. Rent private housing work but separately. Tu clarion several times and finally divorce Customs must also agree.

The times have passed one year, two years, then three years, both the Shanghai and Tu is yet married. Both finished the Master’s program and mature a lot of expertise. Hai was appointed technical manager B. Tu Corporation was also appointed deputy technical head of the Corporation A. They remained friends, often visiting each other encouragement. Hai has repeatedly offered to marry the words still not escape guilt. Hai Tu love many leaders of General and interested colleagues, said Tu Hai still in love, they gathered in vun. Finally, Tu also discouraged. A second marriage ceremony was held Hai Tu simple but enough to represent the families, friends, relatives, leaders representing two corporations work of two people.

Until now Hai Tu couple had two children, a 7 year old girl and a 3 year old son. Nobody doubts their affair had a violent turbulent marriage back then together go to the happy shores ./.

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