By perhaps ego Spirit still greater affection for his aunt.

Night certain of November last year, it was the winter’s cold, outside only hear the rain poured and the wind sliding roof, Spirit rolled in blankets, hug phone and habitually sleepless before the last day. She was watching the film adaptation speech that she had read the story from long ago. Suddenly, a voice message to Facebook, from a nick seems strange that she had just a few days before confirmation.

“I could write a poem to help you get it?”

“Sorry, Who?”

And they know each other since. Without, exactly as they know each other very long, because Shanghai is the inner side of her grandchildren Linh Linh know him but never talked.


The conversation seems enjoyable when Customs revealed that he is quite impressed with her posts on Facebook and wished to ask her to help him write a poem to remember about content is the former lover. Linh quite surprised with the message line of the Sea, because she occasionally update or prose poems about love on his personal page, but Spirit is absolutely not a celebrity. Friends of Linh everyone in trouble in the romance often confided her advice but to strangers as she had never met him through. However, she happily agreed.


Perhaps, when the lonely, who then also easily falls in love with the opposite sex, especially those who regularly chat with her. Hai is no exception. Linh as a savior to save the life of Customs from the days when every memory melancholy about her former lover. Her story, her laughter were awake all night making Hai, Hai Linh think about a lot, exactly the new big boys know love. Hai know emotions in him but can not confess to Father, because customs know whether to tell Spirit how, she can not believe a guy just dumped by his girlfriend could love someone else such fast. More than two months with the Spirit is probably too short. That Linh, Hai also know that the Spirit had lovers, but through word Spirit since, apparently her relationship with the other guy is not good.

It turns out that sometimes people can not distinguish what is right or wrong person who, how is the right time or the wrong time, such as Shanghai now. That Customs could not determine the love Spirit never new the right time, because before used Linh, Hai had lovers, while existing Main Hai also felt ridiculous to himself at the thought of never shall Spirit broke up with her lover.

Eve, Hai Linh wanted to go see fireworks, heard people sure do love each other if sometimes the fireworks display would never split. But there was no Holy Night 30 is out of the house at all, by the house after 12 pm for girls is a taboo in the traditional family as the Spirit.

That night, Spirit and lovers quarrel.

“If you wanna cry now can I?”

Customs receives a message from Spirit after wishing her happy new sprouts.

“Do not cry! If you cry I’ll come home now.”

In fact, Father wanted to cry for relief, she had endured for so long, pretending to be a lover mature, pretending to ignore the bad habits of the lover, pretended not jealous, and pretend concerned, though not itself was okay, but just pretend forever that Spirit more tired, so that did not have any water droplets falling from her eyes Spirit. She could not cry, do not cry rather be, if she strongly too long, tough too long left her with feelings hardened.

That night, Shanghai also could not sleep alone. Hai said Linh strong appearance but inside is actually very weak, so he wanted to love her new, sheltered and protected her.

I expect a Tet Hai Linh coffee date. Spirit called himself a black coffee cup Saigon, Shanghai is not surprising, because Customs said Father loves coffee. But Hai Linh discovered gaze out onto a bolt not fun yet for Hai said though she smiled.

At putting Linh Hai Linh donate a small candy boxes, not to mention probably Hai Linh also forgotten. But the significance of the candy box now not to thank again, but to confess. Hai told her that he loved her, asked if she could give him a chance or not. Spirit tactfully. In this situation, how the girl can have fun but nod for being. Alone, Spirit and love are still in a relationship, called the relationship because the Father knows that is not love anymore, but it did not discourage Spirit let go. Daughter sometimes just silly like that.

It began to rain, the first rain of the new year, not rushing, not as strong as the winter rain, drizzle rain just dust. Spirit of the window closed and left lying. Texting Linh Hai still as usual. She was still talking like there was no confession story happened, but I’ll wait Hai sure, how long is still waiting.

Where youth how long that people just want to wait for us. Yet, because people did not want to abandon the mind so people just have to wait, but must wait to never know. And when not wait any longer, we again regret the years I’ve spent, responsible person accidentally or blame yourself stupid and can not change anything, they left no excessive innocence to continue wait.

Ultimately, the love story of Linh also coming to an end. Upon hearing this news Customs not know whether to be happy or sad. Customs only know one thing for sure now is very sad Spirit. Have the love goes by without lingering, someone once its all leave without regret. Hai was very distressed when parting lovers that.

On this night, smoke a lot, after talking with a priest. Hai Linh not know where to sleep, just like his. Nights like this are long, deep darkness, nor the stars twinkling in the sky sad yonder high. Or rather, Hai no mood which verify they really sparkle or not.

The days after, Shanghai still interested Spirit every day, several times he confessed but Father refused, she was afraid she hastily brings hurt him, she was afraid that one day she realized he just as a replacement for her. Moreover, she is also afraid of love away, afraid of the geographical distance that will make up the gap in the two human heart.

Not know how fate brought push, the situation we are in love with her away, so now she is scared, in fact there is nothing guaranteed for a long distance over 1000 kilometers of that at all. That a final year student as she did not want after graduation to the city where he was to work, it is not appropriate for someone like her.

But it is important to have love Hai Linh no, she has not answered. She liked him, assured that since everything trite to you, peace to hear his voice, but she was not sure it was love or just a misperception.

Will be worried as people found out after all the love given to send all turned out just mistaken, but amazingly, the human capital or the misperception that. Especially emotionally.

Two months, it was time to disappear from the life of Hai Linh. Exactly Hai still there, still working, just ceased to interest Linh Linh texted everyday. Ling Hai instructed that to strive for their dreams and do not easily cry for someone.

Certain day, Ling posted a status on Facebook sadly, Customs do not like, do not comment, only the inbox Hai Linh asked what’s wrong, do not cry then. Hai Linh interested as never have days of silence have passed, Hai asked Linh to work more on the tired, hungry, have trouble not, … and customs still enough things like reminding Spirit days before that. But over the next day, Hai disappeared. Customs not know in time that Spirit every day on Facebook, Zalo of him, waiting for his nickname light up and turn off many times. And just stop there, that’s all. By perhaps ego Spirit still greater affection for his aunt.

Spirit to pretend, pretend to not care Hai, pretend I’m fine, still fun to life. But always remember to Hai Linh in every moment. Spirit decided to Da Lat to temporarily forget everything, forget the busy life where she was active city in, forget about homework in the classroom and forget him. But strangely, every place she went, she would think of him, again wished she could go with him.

Hai had made to Father will quit one day that they met she would find him not smoking anymore, but how to quit it when every time the memory of Spirit, he would find it to elect you. Me Linh Hai as he more and smoke more.

One night in June, it is hot and kept rolling over rolling Linh could not sleep. Finally, she took courage for his message. In her lifetime, this is probably the first thing that she needed so much courage. She first confessed. She picked it up, put down the phone many times finally dared to hide the send button.

“If you say you love me …”

“He was waiting for this for a long time. He really loved me.

I like him because he is man, a man fashionable standards that girls we usually average student. And you probably also like me because I am beautiful, styled, good student and also by my early poems famous teen on social networks. He commended me intelligent and have a future. British officials working in a scientific research institute in Hanoi reputation, but I was just a first-year student at a university in Saigon. With what he was my Nick name Nick name Hai Binh Cam Tu. When both intimate and generally speaking that’s what two names to remember more things to remember in life.


At this school I soon “famous” not only by title styled queen but also a beautiful voice, a pen poetry teen had a post in the newspaper Youth and Arts city newspaper. I introduced above and has competed several appearances on television. That’s it well enough for many adults have. With us you’re like many kids his age still image childish, and I a strange new world, adult appeal, was giving me pride. Surrounded the boys around me are ridiculously rich pompous promises many things, but why am I just indifferent to come to him. He was not the first person interested in me, and especially not the first to make me feel excited friends on facebook but he was the first and only so far makes me very impressed and quickly was touched on social networks.

He said private life has nothing to expose both on fb. He has three two-person households by age as marriage problems for years not repeat family and currently lives with her daughter Vidudabha six. Naturally her first year student eighteen like I should call him uncle. Hi, affectionate uncle and nephew so vocative but could not keep that in your heart of my foolish young. Honestly I really was shocked not only by the image on fb just handsome uncle, form which can also make a note fb intellectual qualities with much praise. Communicate with my uncle extremely impressed by the high school wide understanding, experience life and express the good qualities of men.

I congenial and attentive in her love life, in exchange share on fb friends and writing poetry, take it as a pleasure every day. Over time to know a day without pay is sad message is remembered, is anxiously waiting. He said his uncle was in the mood, but uncontrolled emotional uncle and uncle love me too. Uncle told intimates that situation, you poetry sound knowledge on fb. I can almost always be actively connected online, and always prefaced with the phrase “My Notes” and get the response “Pay Here” affectionately. Poetry great uncle and my uncle realized not bad poetry. Both me and uncle are feeling already know each other from a long time ago and as erase distance space, time. I and uncle corrugated daily online at 9pm but the count my fussy kids must love dimensional force uncle, whenever my uncle responded online. Time for each other and two of them children one more day on fb and nostalgia in my distant uncle which also filled up.

One rainy night, suddenly sad daughter aimlessly, unable to sleep I think about paying and online press and wait. Oh please remember why see much, crave the word “Hi” tender loving, even occasionally crave a comment uncle line this time. I thought he was awake vulnerabilities, as well as how consoling morning uncle will see. Yet only a few minutes after I received stream online “gold”: “My uncle let out a sad night. The brain like drops of rain started masonry shelf”. Notes psychological, quick response that I expect to pay consolation. I can not control emotions joy, spontaneous moment that “uttered” by the words “great uncle Y” then motioned see his cheeks warming. Hi, anyway I have also been known take heart. Looks like uncle did not care then, and I had a restless night man is an insomnia.

The days passed, I kept anxiously, just wait, just wait forever see note alone but seeing welcome. I just wonder forever why pay so again, a little pride at the thought her daughter was “very valuable”. My waist seems even losing the previous carefree bright note, too, and sometimes just ignorant sad, dreamy silk idea, whiny aimlessly with pay. Notes can not understand or just do not know the pretend not know. They say his daughter should not be too zealous sex. Yet how pleased I met uncle saw love, pity, let emotional surge from the bottom of the heart, just want to confide but why not dare to reveal the fullness of feeling …

One day the uncle informed business trip a week that the smartphone should pay her back broken will have to pause contact. Here comes my previous story and uncle had only conventional phone without the use fb to both concentrated work and learning for good everyday. I cried “uncle remembered where damage resistant”, but this way they pay me but proved very principle. Notes analyze much information just to give me the reason for this special trip should be so. Eventually I could only warm memories in your heart that you still have to listen.

Morning wake up as usual both uncle and nephew were on fb wish each new day. He said such damage was, “Splendid the station today paying off us,” I continued, “stomach” like to play more virtual perfection. Half years have familiar day where my uncle away. I and another uncle had soaked the feeling is fb, fb is far away from home, go to work, go to school to dinner on her uncle’s home to be met (on fb). Oh, my head’s too vague, “uncle gone” … Virtual U, what about the feeling to be away from his uncle, remembered his uncle, uncle to wait all week was stalking me, where there is virtual. And his heart told myself I was in love, love lost then, love it dear uncle. Some days I like someone else. My first daughter I know tasted strange feeling. This is love u, conceptualist, anxiety, pay back, remembrance, sad and happy, sometimes inept helplessness, dreamy,

Lucky me there is a very close girlfriend is American Sub. Two sisters and far western country house to the city, same food, same houses, a school, a class congenial. Learn good spending again active in communication should be assigned as deputy academic classes. Both join student volunteers and in shock performance teams by school. Chi Chi did not know poetry but also loves poetry should sensuality and delicate poetry average. We also have friends his age but only at normal body, sometimes on holiday get together for ice cream, then surf city. It commended both always go together pretty as with the ball, the girls have also little bit jealous man then twisted take getting used to, just the same I do not like both. My friend was a friend of Chi is several siblings in the near lock before endearing want to learn, some teachers love the game, several uncles in breathing and some friends on fb. Hi, mostly adults.

US Chi is a friend of both me and uncle on fb. Though do not know all, but Chi also shared part should Expenses know and witty remarks emotional relationship of two persons on the friends. Spending half-jokingly, half seriously said we both should note change of address, I just smiled and did not protest unless. These days, the US sub is my cure. Expenses know I upset always remember uncle and mood changes should also not joking and always cared for me, my mentality. Details about this clause is probably better than me by two exemplary sub-sister of three brothers in a family of agricultural laborers West. And I was a child in a wealthy family was spoiled only Mum and Dad and school meals. Chi also very intelligent, he told me his uncle dear sister so well should not be judging what uncle, uncle breaks away fb surely have their own reasons not convenient to say. Lower resolution recovery, one week severance pay for it will know. Actually the day I did not have time to think much duplicated but only his night of sad memory of a note to hangover.

Sub comforted me feel better also lonely emptiness inside. These days my uncle little wilderness on fb, just a walk in the early morning, a round at 9 pm via fb uncle of habit. Cam Tu said uncle often pay out of time for a friend and then forgot. Afraid anxious uncle so I always have to try, is the memory was fine so everything is smooth. Are still learning my health, I wrote many poems praise on hand, friends in real life and on fb no one blame me superficial. Chi and I always help each other keep that balance. Students now requires study, practice a lot of life skills. Daily timetable that between academic science, life and networking, especially in networks, how many hours to check email, to posting to facebook status line or wait to comment on a friend’s wall, How much time for useful work on the Internet. Night to remember my uncle buried in poetry, sending love notes on the sky far away places.

Sunday morning two children were up late but still lying on the bed to talk last. Chi huom American accent, today anyone “to the station” hi welcome uncle? Sad story today notes go I once shared with Chi, saw me standing blepharitis Chi practice touching pat hug me. Sub understand me too, so that a week has passed, today I’m going to pay for “the station” welcome note. Expenses want me happy, less anxious wait for “one week and will pay for that”. Expenses I welcome the role assigned uncle, spending the afternoon shopping for toys with fun notes on the meeting. Play virtual US director Chi can not be any more perfect.

House all day I lay in a restless mood anticipation and anxiety, and will back this uncle of the things I expect. Oh adult cute but also difficult to understand how stars, the same generation as uncle? Hi, but that was not the uncle again nothing to dream. A few times I and my uncle commended debate uncle said my understanding, but also “formidable”. So this time I still have to be me. My uncle, “Loneliness inept amorphous film. He’s gone my heart indifferent. Embracing the full block remembrance. We hope to show people that all mercy …” as a preload on fb messages welcome note.

12 am note fb enter, turn the phone online for me. Being lunchtime I lay in bed with his eyes closed two indifferent hands scrabbling phone turns listening and opening speaker button. I used the phone online for girls and friends several times but the uncle is not so I do not think uncle. Voice notes loud “You’re in the garage door here, Splendid pick up the pay anywhere hi? I surprised rebound uttered a word” WARNING “voice full of suspense. My Chi also did not sleep, he interjected timely with the right shoulder drama of it, “two children looked at the attention, then, to Splendid in procession paying off car nhé.” US Sub stirred the small room of two. note appointment afternoon the whole family will meet and have both baby Vidudabha daughter uncle. uncle hung a welcome end. My Chi lively, sly, meeting this afternoon interesting.

Came to this country I was forced to face pull “ally” the United States only to have strategies to cope. I did not sign the US sub anymore, revealing all that I love, I am how I should how I can not lose … Read also very emotional hug me silent with sympathetic nod. so two sisters hugged located confide all afternoon. my Chi has ever loved a brother “teacher “at the end of the level is also close enough to rank downs before parting when Chi college. So Chi as advisor for me now. Expenses recognized for the initial pay call online, call online video is a step forward, not is backward. I naturally find myself seems wise to also offer critical opinions with Chi that pay is spread obstacle. Two children zag gamblers, I joked that as truth I just wanted to lose Chi Long only.

I and Sub-fabricated tray decent enough bowls and four. Laptop to the next preset standby. Two sisters dressed or praise of her uncle, stood before the mirror embellishment “as” beautiful and compliment each other and seemed confident laugh.

Screen flickered, father and son appeared uncle. Oh baby Vidudabha other uncle and then, they like what the pictures were posted on fb Notes.

– Note greet the girls.

– We salute her uncle sir, hello Vidudabha.

– I salute you sir two.

– Home hi tidy.

– Yes.

– Student life then this is ideal.

– Yes.

– Two cute little girl too, vivid video images and a more realistic visualization uncle.

– Yes.

– Presentation set to welcome another party, so we touched.

– Yes.

US Sub slight kick my legs to the passive escape.

– We are very pleased to welcome her uncle and brother visited the sir (I say).

– We do believe uncle anxiously each day, a week absent uncle remember. See notes form a strong and true. Vidudabha of lovely sister too. Notes on business this session to make results obtained sir (US Sub-speaking).

Actually I’m not confident enough to say things this American sub to act, improvise quickly. My uncle looked through Chi then stopped where I like to recommend something. Uncle told me that I still have dark eyes speak. Today is also the first time I looked at each other face to face and pay TV cherished feelings of love for each other so long.

– Hi, it’s thanks, knew long ago, today new visit is also shortcomings there. Business trip also remember the little pay, but due to sympathize slightly.

Uncle camera turned 90 °, and 90 ° half off the room surfing. Bachelor apartment of a man with little girls like uncle described many times did not differ very tidy, neat, furnishings adequate but not luxurious, just a lot of books on the shelves and the organ Yamaha daughter caught my attention. Back to the table father originally appeared uncle, uncle says

– So today I visited several houses and offline.

I want to say something meaningful sentence without stopping to think that had:

– Yes, thank her uncle gave us a visit.

US Chi shown its ability to function:

– Yes, the beautiful notes and how to sort, display means things tidy, your father’s life so simple and elegant note, we are learning about close attention focuses much sir.

Uncle laughed gently:

– Come spend nostalgic praise, now gathering into hi celebration.

It turns out that your father has also prepared notes, just to manipulate a decent tray and bottle of wine was revealed. Time human technology can do many things, both ends nostalgia connected together by both parties online. We celebrate together the same toast, chatting happily last until dinner, then stand up waving goodbye to father uncle leave the screen. Let go of chopsticks, two florid smiled at each other. I said, “The feeling of no longer differentiate between the virtual and real anymore.” US Sub “Worthy true life, life beautiful dream.”

Just ten minutes later I received a message online uncle met ten o’clock appointment. Seeing me laugh, Chi guessed right, raise your hand denotes “excellent”. At night, sophisticated small city sank into silence, to fb met my uncle, my language more confident online.

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